Baby African Grey Parrots 

handfed baby african grey parrots 

     Handfed Baby African Grey Parrots

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Incubator  Hatched & Handfed From Day One

This creates the ultimate in avian companions....

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  • Breeding Season Underway 2021
  • Eggs Hatching Daily
  • hatched now African Greys
  • hatched now Umbrella Cockatoos
  • hatched now Yellow Naped Amazons
  • hatched now Blue Gold Macaws




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Baby African Grey Parrots

2021  breeding season


handfed baby African Grey  $4999                 


Click Here To See African Grey Species Information

NOTE* The African Grey are being added to the endangered species list

Baby african greys hatching NOW 2021


Candy Stripe Red Variate Mutation-SOLD
ABOVE Video handfeeding baby African Grey SOLD

baby african grey parrot handfed 
Baby African Grey Parrot
band RBCNCB609   SOLD

ABOVE Video-RBCNCB609 baby african grey-SOLD





Prices of pied red variate african grey parrots are based on the amount or intensity of the red coloring. 

red variates or pied mutations african greys range from $6500-$10,000+  each

depending on extensive red amount and blood line dictates the price on any red factor and pied.

We have seen many internet pictures of socalled red factor african greys in the usa, However very few if any are actually true genetic mutation red factor or pied, the one we see often from a new york breeder is most difinitely NOT a genetic mutation, it looks to be a nutrition based problem and or a feather condition that is causing the feathers to curl and turn red due a problem also can be liver related.

Royal Bird Company First USA breeder to produce the Red Variate African Grey Parrot


African Grey Parrot Article


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