Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Faq Page is a must read

Here we try to answer the question before you even think about asking......

Please read and understand.

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Some of the info may not pertain to you and your purchase, but it is good reading, you may learn something.

We will NOT sell you a bird, we will not talk to you until you have read our FAQ page.

If you cannot or will not READ and understand our FAQ information or any information we ask you to read, Please do not try to purchase, We will ask you, Have you read the FAQ page?  Do you understand the information? The FAQ is a must read. There is a code within this page that we will ask you.

We believe in education, and this is done by READING, READING and more reading. We hear this everyday, when we ask someone, Have you read the FAQ page? Have you looked at the educational videos we ask you to look at? they say, I skimmed over it., or say maybe they will later..NOT GOOD ENOUGH

we are just trying to help you.

READ IT. Please.

The right information is the most powerful tool a person has in life. By reading and educating yourself with lots of correct information. You will only benefit in the end as well any bird you own or will own.

Bird Prices are non negotiable-we normally are always over sold ..


We RESERVE the right to stop or REFUSE sale to anyone we feel is unqualified to own our birds. If you have a problem with finances then you should not be buying live birds or any pets and please do not try to purchase one of our birds. We have no payment plan or lay aways. Our customers must have the monetary resources to completely outfit our babies with what ever they need.

The birds come first, their safety, their health, their happiness, the customer comes second, or not at all.

CAGE SIZES: Please make sure you have the appropriate cage. The cage size can never be too big. We recommend for greys and amazons AT LEAST (minimum)a 36 inch wide or larger(42), the cage should be for these type large parrots not a cage designed for cockatiels or small birds,

CLICK HERE for BIRD CAGES info and examples

ANY Cockatoo needs 48 or wider, Macaws need 48 and even wider and cockatoos and macaws need cages that are designed for these large birds and the cage must have large diameter bars strong enough to support the very strong beaks and destruction they cause. Putting birds such as greys and cockatoos in too small cage can result in feather plucking, stress, self mutilation,etc. Do not put your bird in a prison. It should be their home not solitary confinement. The cage should be large enough and have plenty of room to outfit the cage with toys and still have plenty of room. be careful of cheap thin cages from china where most if not all are from anyway, but try to stay with a real brand, AE cages, KINGS cages, HQ cage,etc. The price will tell the tale. A cage appropiate for any bird will not be a couple hundred dollars. most cages for amazons greys run over 500-800 or more, cockatoo macaw cages run 800-900 and more, and stainless can be around 3,000 and more.

putting birds into small cages is like you would be forced to live in a closet.

We never recommend playtop type cages,if you want a play area, we suggest a separate playgym stand.  Birds can become aggresive when on a high playtop cage. they become protective over the cage, get them away from the cage.

We will ask to see the cage you will be putting our birds in.

FIRST and FOREMOST we are not a pet shop, we are an actual working exotic bird breeding research center with 19 acres of birds that must be maintained daily, nightly, when babies are being handfed its 24 hours a day.

CONTACT  704-735-8601  SERIOUS INQUIRIES PLEASE, We are not always by the phone. We love our birds but we are very very busy and we are not a pet shop, we operate a fully productive breeding operation, and a research facility with selective endangered species programs as well producing over 100 babies yearly for pets and it requires lots of work hours. We just do not have the time to discuss birds that we may not have available now, we do not talk about birds that are not hatched or to talk about a bird that you may be considering in the distant future.

We make no promises on what, if, and when we will have babies, We only send out info on available babies when they ARE available for reserve now. We do not discuss babies that are not ready, we take no deposits or make promises that we will have any bird available at any certain time, when something is ready available, it will be announced and posted and then we will talk about the bird that is actually available and then we can take a deposit to hold until it is ready to leave.NOTE* Once its ready to leave you will be expected to come at appointment time that has been set by you and us.

We will be glad to discuss with you any bird that is available and ready now and you are NOW ready for a new family member.

However we may have birds promised to customers that were already getting one last season but was unable our fault or theirs. 

READ the entire page, even if the section does not apply to you, its still full of info you may need or may want to know. Its for you and for any bird you may own.

For DIET and CARE info, visit our Information Center Page articles and videos.



Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you ship me a bird... ?
  2. Guarantees & Closed bands ... ?
  3. What about deposits or reserves ... ?
  4. How do i pay ... ?
  5. What do i feed my bird when i get it ... ?
  6. Can I come and meet you and pickup my bird... ?
  7. How old are birds before you allow them to go home...?
  8. What is the GPS  to your location...? bottom of page

Can you ship me a bird...How do you ship...Is it safe... ?

  • 2022 UPDATE:  We will no longer be shipping. All birds sold must be picked up.

  • The covid-19 virus that is causing problems within the USA has become a problem in the airlines and cargo personnel. Even as of 2022 the airlines are still unstable. Many delays are possible and its just not good for live animals for shipping for now. The airlines have become unstable at the least. We will not expose our birds or staff to airline personnel. All birds sold will have to be picked up when birds are ready to leave. If we are to take a chance it would be with the future owner of the bird, not airline and or cargo reps..FLYING here for pickup and trying to fly you and the bird back home is NOT an option. As the last few years as well lately 2022-23 we all have seen 1000's of flights cancelled, delayed and grounded every day. IF there would have been birds,cats,dogs on board, THEY ALSO would be grounded,delayed, cancelled as well in the cargo for hours,days,several days. EVEN if you would be allowed to fly with birds in the cabin with you, WHAT DIFFERENCE would that make?????. AGAIN you and the LIVE birds are cancelled,delayed,grounded,etc. While these birds are delayed or even lost in transit due these airline problems, they cannot be taken care of for possible many many hours or days. So we are not flying our birds and NOT allowing the birds to be subjected to these problems. These problems being birds getting too hot too cold, not able to get care and mishandled, can and could cause a health problem in the future of the life of the birds. and you would then be calling us. So, NOPE...not going to be allowing this. WE CARE..



  • We use modified reusable pet taxis like the ones pictured above..  we include the  reusable modified pet taxi shipping container in all baby prices, free starter kit with food, treat, etc. EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED for you, even if you are picking up, we supply the travel carrier and starter kit for you. ALL birds picked up from our location get the same things..


    BREEDER BIRDS or adult bird SALES: we do not include the cost of crates in price of selling adults, singles or breeder birds, the price for this is depended on what and how many is shipped, shipping an adult breeder pair of birds, will be in 2 crates as we never ship adult pairs in same crate. Prices depend on how big or size of crate needed, starting at $45 per crate for amazon size, up to $65 per crate for cockatoos or macaws.When shipping a adult pair, each bird will need to ship in their own seperate shipping carrier, as adults can fight when kept in close confined area such as shipping carriers. for each pair its takes two shipping carriers but one ship fee.


           We are USDA SAFE ANIMAL SHIPPERS APPROVED since 1979

           UPDATE: We are not shipping and all birds must be picked up.


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Are your birds guaranteed .are they banded.. ?

  • YES, absolutely! our birds are 100% guaranteed healthy at the time of arrival if being shipped. If you pick your bird up here its guaranteed to be 100% healthy at time of purchase or take home. We continue a screening processs throughout the entire operation here, We screen breeders periodically, we screen babies as they grow, we screen the last time before they are sold. All our babies are DNA sexed and DNA screened for Chlamydia, avian polyoma,pachecos,borna virus(elisha test), and all Cockatoos are DNA screened for PBFD (beak and feather) and each comes with testing results and certificates from the labs. Each certificate will have the birds ID (band number assigned).        ANIMAL GENETICS LAB                                

    Our guarantee is simple, Since we do not know what you are going to do once you get the bird we have no control on the birds health after a certain time, as many things can change the health quickly based on what you do, or not do, and we do not know what you are doing at home, So, you must take your bird to a REAL Avian Vet within 24-48 hours after receipt. If there is a life threatening problem that is not linked to something you did, we will take the bird back, and refund your money, we need the written report from the VET and their info. Its that simple. In over 35+ years we have NEVER had even one problem with a bird we sold or shipped, we contribute that to our strict protocols and our birds are just healthy birds period. And since we are only selling what we raise, we have full control from the start, we do not purchase birds for resell, we are not dealers,brokers or resellers. we do not purchase other breeders problems.

    Our babies are 100% health guaranteed to be free of any problems at time of sale and or receipt by you, we cannot guarantee the life or health of a bird for certain any length time, they are not cars, they are living breathing beings. Can you guarantee your health and or your life for any certain time. You may be healthy now, but you can change that quickly by your actions or failure to act.

    Each baby is monitored and maintained in state of the art brooding systems with air filtration. We use Human baby Neonatal Isolettes in the first stages of the brooding process. Our babies receive 24 hour care, someone is taking care, feeding, cleaning and monitoring all babies around the clock. We work in shifts to make sure that all hours are covered. 

           isolette baby birds     


    All our breeders are maintained on the highest quality formulated diets,  we use tropican by Hagen, sprouts, advanced formulated diets, cooked rice, corn, beans, veggies and fruits in season,etc. to see our diets and what we recommend click on the Bird Diets Link.

     Our breeding facility is a closed facility, we normally do not purchase birds for breeding and we never purchase for resell.  However we may need a mate for something we have to pair up, the purchase of any bird for our programs go through a very special strict protocol to make sure what we bring is screened and certified healthy and free of illness.  As a preventive measure strangers are not allowed in or around the breeding farm or the breeding units. We operate a closed facility, meaning we do not add outside birds to our breeding collection and we do not allow outsiders to enter any area where our breeders are.  All babies are maintained in weaning cages behind glass barriers for viewing but not touching by everyone coming around. This protects our birds from people poking and proding like you see in open air environments such as birds shows, bird marts, flea markets, and pet shops that have their birds on open display for ALL to touch, this is very dangerous and its where the/YOUR problems start. If you can touch it, then anyone, everyone else can as well. What does these people have on their hands, do they have sick birds at home, have they previously come in contact or handled other birds that may have a illness or pathogen? ???
  • ALL our babies are closed banded with our special coded bands  RBCNC B***, we meet all states requirements for entry.  Some states require that any birds entering must be closed banded.
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What about deposits or reserving a bird ... ?

  • We no longer accept deposits and try to deal with that throughout the weeks or even months before a bird is ready to go home... We do not take deposits to hold any bird before its ready to be sold, If a bird is ready to go,we only take a deposit to hold if you are picking up. Once a bird is ready to go and you want it and you are coming, we can set a time for pickup, The deposit will be for to hold the bird a few days until you get to us.

  • We will not be rushed or pushed into allowing birds to go home, we will be the only ones that will say when a bird is ready to go. We are the ones that put a full health guarantee on our birds, so we will only allow birds to leave when they are READY, not before. If you are in a hurry, we may not be the people or place you want to deal with. When our babies are ready, then our babies will be sold.

  • Also you can put your name on a email newsletter list and we will send you an email newsletter when babies are almost ready to go. But this is not a reserve list, only a contact to announce when birds are coming available. We only offer the birds when they are almost ready to go or ready to go. The contact list is not a reserve or hold list, simply a list of customers who wish to receive our info on available babies and to receive other news from our compound. Also sign up for the newsletter on the front page. www.royalbirdcompany.com

  • If you are picking up from here...and the bird is now ready to go, and we have already talked and set the appointment for your pickup, To hold a bird to stay here until you come, we do accept a deposit by credit card to hold the bird until you get here.


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Payment for bird ... ?

  • ATTENTION: We do not ask you to send money via bank transfer, money grams, or western union, etc. Beware of scammers, If anyone ask you to do this, beware, they are not Royal Bird Company.  We do not communicate via text or blocked numbers without caller ID numerals.  Our phone number is 704-735-8601 for over 35+ years. and it should come up ROYAL BIRD COMPANY on the caller ID.
  • Payment is only accepted once a bird is ready to GO


    Our birds are priced for cash and carry. How you get payment to us is YOUR CHOICE.

    Credit card/debit card use takes away from what we expect to get for our birds. We could just increase the bird prices to cover this but that would not be fair to the ones that pay other ways, RIGHT?

    Credit card companies take huge fees and processing charges, so on every 1000 they take almost $50 in the end,  fees...example,,,a bird at $2,000 would have a fee of 5% and that is $100 extra, When picking up here, ALL sales will be CASH and carry as we do not have enough time to check security and true ownership of the card. DO NOT just show up on your pick up appointment and have credit card in hand, there will be no sale. Its a sick and sad world that forces us to have to do these security measures due to the ever growing fraud and credit card theft.  Even cash payments when you pay here will be checked for authenticity and counterfeit.

    DEBIT CARDS are not cash, and yes we still have to pay a processsing fee to process it through the terminal. I know that many people think the debit card is like cash, but its not, it is basically the same as a credit card as far as fees is concerned, as long as a card is processed the fees apply. CASH IS KING. and CASH is paper not plastic.       

    Bank cashiers checks, bank money orders , however ALL these methods require up to 7 -10 days or more to completely clear, even cashiers checks are not cash, they still have to clear and we have seen many counterfeit checks.

    POSTAL MONEY ORDER for deposit to HOLD: Payment: through the US Post office is the fastest and best, Postal money orders are safe, insured, and traceable through the US Postal Service, when our customers use postal money orders for deposits or payment, we will add extras in the starter kit for your bird. We can email you a complete instruction sheet on how to obtain postal money orders from your POST OFFICE. When picking up from our facility, we only accept cash,  

    Many people may be nervous when dealing with companies they do not know, Royal Bird Company owns a research facility for rare species and we publish our data and exchange data with many breeders and worldwide conservation organazations, We are one of the largest supplier of breeding data for the Honduras yellow naped amazon captive breed release program in HONDURAS. Royal Bird Company is owned and operated by Mike and Sheila Richard, both published authors and leaders in the avian community for over 35+ years,  We have been in business going on 40 years, same address, same business name, same landline phone number for over almost 40 years, we own a 19 acre compound totally focused on research and breeding rare and common species, we are not going anywhere, we are one of the longest running professional facilities in the USA. We are not just internet sales, we actually own a real place of business, brick and mortar, we have many references.. We are a real confirmed google business. You can actually see our front road sign from google maps and you can see our business and buildings from google satellites.   Do not get scammed, deal with real business and real people.

    You can come here and pick your bird up when its ready and we have made the appointment. NO WALK INS OR DROP INS.

    ALL North Carolina sales are subject to 7 % sales tax.  shipped or picked up.   


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What do i feed my bird when i get it ... ?

  • If you are picking up from here we will discuss our diets as well we will instruct you to read our info on diets this info is on our website under info center., we will supply a starter kit as well. CLICK HERE for video on starter kit
  •  Our website section ARTICLES and VIDEOS has lots of information on bird diets and we expect you to read it and learn. We ask you to read our info on our website to more understand what and how and why we feed what we feed. Also our website has several pages on diets and nutrition, we suggest you read them. As when someone may call and have questions about foods, we always ask first, Have you read the info papers we gave you?? Have you Read Our Diet Info on Our website?  If one does not have the ability or just will not read or do what we ask, then maybe we are not the place for you. when picking up your bird you get the same free starter kit with extras.
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Will I know the sex of my bird ... ?

  • Yes, We have all our birds DNA screened by Micro Avian Bio Labs to determine the sex, The lab sends a certificate of SEX. The DNA screening is and a health screen is included in all baby bird prices. Any other special screenings that customer wants or ask for will be  extra charge for those if you request special screenings. We can screen for other things as you may need. We screen all cockatoos for PBFD and all birds are screened for Chlamydia is standard.


Can I Come and Pick up ... ?

  • Yes.When a bird is ready to sell and its ready to come home, and you decide you want to pick up when ready, we will make the arrangements and day appointment for you. At no cost to you we supply the modified pet carrier for the travel back home, DO NOT bring any crates, carriers, boxes or cages, they will not be allowed inside our buildings. When coming, full payment is expected, any pre payments made to us to hold the bird till you got here will be deducted from totals.  
  • NOTE** ON BABIES...we supply you everything, a pet travel carrier, food starter kit, instructions,  we supply you with information materials online and on hard copy, we supply many articles and videos on our website for your education, so please use them for your sake and your birds benefit. CLICK here see the starter kit
  • For obvious health reasons no outside travel carriers or cages are allowed inside the building, for safety,  our birds are only allowed to leave in what we supply here.  What we supply here are clean NEW travel carriers.  However when we sell adult breeder birds, the cost of the carrier is not included. The cost for a travel carrier will depend on the breeder or adult bird we are selling. Amazon or grey sized carrier starts at $30 and macaws are $45-75 or more each. Please note, when we are selling a adult pair of amazons they will not be put into a single carrier. The pair must have 2 carriers due to amazons when in close quarters will fight and be aggresive towards each other. The cost of travel carriers or shipping crates is ONLY applied to breeder stock.
  • When babies are being sold, there is no charge to customer.


How old are birds before they are ready/or you allow them to go home ... ?

  • Adult or breeder birds they are ready when we announce them as for sale,
  • On handfed babies...We do not put a time on the weaning, as proper weaning can take several months, we never sell or let any bird leave while still needing any type critical care. Some birds may start weaning at 10 and up to 16 weeks and take several more weeks before actually being ready. And some may take more time or less Depending on species and weaning stages, some can be 12-16-18-20 weeks and up, some sooner- some later. Hyacinth macaws take 6-8months and longer. We have produced thousands of babies in our years and we have seen many birds take different time than the bird before, We have had many african greys that were not ready until after 20 weeks and we have some greys that were ready much much sooner. We have seen amazons that were ready at 12 and 14 weeks, so putting an artificial time frame just does not work in the real world, it does not work on human children as well. However no matter the age, our babies will only be allowed to leave when we say they are weaned and WE say when ready and not before. Hyacinth macaws can take 6-8 months to a year before ready.  However we do allow some birds to leave while only needing a comfort handfeeding by the new owner if the new owner feels comfortable with this. In most instances, we only offer a bird when the bird is ready, What this means is that we may only announce we have a bird for sale when its ready to go. But in any case it will always be our call or NO SALE.


  • Also for your GPS,
  • Royal Bird Company, 2804 NC-150, Lincolnton, NC 28092. make sure you enter the address into the gps,,, as google maps and other GPS may try to enter west 150.  Do not just enter the name Royal Bird Company, actually enter the address, 2804 NC-150, Lincolnton, NC 28092
  • ALSO you may use an Old land mark address , we are right beside them.  google GPS always gets their address correct                                                                                                                  
  • FOREST LAWN CEMETARY 2858  NC-150, Lincolnton, NC 28092                                                              
  • We only accept visitors after appointment has been made, no drop in. Appointments will only be made for serious buyers that are now ready for purchase when we have a bird available for sale. We are not a pet shop, Birds are not on exhibit here for looky loos.
  • Do not bring other pets, birds, dogs, cats, monkeys, ferrets, rats, etc with you as they will not be allowed on our property at all. No service animals are allowed inside the building where birds are.
  • DUE TO COVID we only allow 2 adults/people inside. its too close quarters for a crowd.
  • No Rest Room Facilities are available on premises, there is a Citgo convenience store close by, also several fast food places within 1 mile,
  • Royal Bird Company is not a pet shop, we are not bird dealers, discount sellers or brokers. We operate a 19 acre selective avicultural breeding and research compound. We are focused on endangered species, common pet species production, with research programs on rare genetic parrot mutations, pair bonding, socialization for pet, conservation, research on breeding, nutrition advancements, incubation, handfeeding advancement, breeding stock management procedures, nesting selection research, wild habitat conservation through several central american programs focused on captive breeding and release, research data sharing with other groups, species and variation seperation and breeding only pure species, and much more.

    Our breeding areas are not open to the public. We have a small public building that we allow customers to enter and pickup the available bird, by appointment only.

    WARNING-All 20 acre premises under video survellience, from the time you enter our property you will be under constant survellience. Due to the nature and monetary and rare value of the livestock here and also down at the compound no one is allowed, around, or close to the breeding grounds, Any uninvited persons caught venturing into, onto, and around the off limit breeding areas and onto the property which is posted will be treated as a hostile intruder, and note,,, that ALL any Intruders which may be looked on as thieves or possible saboteurs are in danger on the property as we take security very seriously and we will take every and any measure we need to protect our staff and our birds and property, NOTE: Warning: our farm staff may be armed. We have a fully armed kawasaki mule that is on patrol around the 19 acre perimeter at unspecified times of the day and night. Any unauthorized person caught where they not suppose to be will be considered trespassers and will be brought under control peacefully or not, and be handed over to the police, your choice.

    We as of oct 1 ,2018 now use The Phantom 3 SE Drone with 4K camera for aerial surveillance of our compound and grounds. We fly our drones daily and now with infra red and night vison camera we fly several times of night flights.

    drone survellance

    All bird sales are by appointment ONLY.

    Your REFERENCE CODE is HAPPY DAY- please remember the code,

     sheila may ask.


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