Timneh African Grey Parrot 

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Timneh African Grey Parrot

genus  Psittacus erithacus timneh

timneh african grey parrrot 



Description: Timneh African Grey Parrots                                                                     


The African Grey Parrot has been a cherished pet in Europe since the reign of Henry VIII during the sixteenth century, and possibly even earlier than this time. This genus has 3 subspecies, one now thought to be extinct. 
The other two are well known and readily available in the USA.  The smaller sub species P. e.  timneh known as the Timneh African Grey Parrot is smaller and darker in appearance than the nominate form and has a horn colored top mandible and maroon colored tail.

The origins of the Timneh Grey is concentrated in the western coastal regions of Guinea, Ghana and the Ivory Coast of Africa.
The Timneh although not as popular as the larger nominate red tail african grey is equally talented for talking. We have seen many handfed baby timneh african grey parrots that were just great as a pet and talking. The handfed baby timneh grey is a sweet natured bird and we have seen many that were very talented talkers, its a big talent in a smaller package.African Grey parrots in general are one of the most talked about species of parrots. All greys including the Timneh African grey Parrot are well known for talking ability and their intelligence. Since 1979 we now have bred and reared 100's and 100's of greys with all being almost the same in one aspect of personality, that is they are timid and somewhat shy around strangers as a general rule. There are exceptions to this I do understand as we have seen some that were not the normal.

The normal being timid and shy around strangers. But with all said and done African Greys are one of the highly regarded talking species of all parrots.  Almost all become a prized addition to any ones family. Our handfed baby Timneh Greys are very sweet and get very attached to their owners. I think one thing that amazes most people about african greys is they can mimic and sound just like a certain voice. I have heard some sound like women and men, some can sound like an old mans voice. Greys are one of the best mimics around. Most greys take some time to develop their talents, some taking a couple years to really get going with their talking. But many are shy around strangers and refuse to talk around strangers, but when the strangers leave, they start up. They make a sweet bird for the beginner or long term bird owners.I must say this, do not be disappointed if your timneh Grey does not perform like those birds you see on TV or read about, as those birds are highly trained and most pets just do not get that kind of training. Love your bird and enjoy it for what it is. 

The African grey the red tail as well the Timneh has been cherished as one of the best talking species of parrots. Accept them for what they are. Never purchase a parrot with talking as the main objective. They are much more than that. These birds are highly affectionate and intelligent creatures sometimes acting like small children.Now classed as endangerd species and threatened in their native homeland due to illegal trapping and international trade.  US Fish and Wildlife is moving to monitor and control interstate sales and movement soon.We own and operate one of the largest,selective and most successful breeding farms on the east coast USA. today.                 

 We are professional responsible breeders and we continue to educate people how to properly maintain their birds  


For diet info visit our PARROT DIETS sectionThe African Grey listed as endangered species article No birds will be sold to anyone until they read our FAQ page

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