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Avicultural Breeding Research Center  

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Royal Bird Company is not a pet shop, we are not bird dealers,discount sellers or brokers.    We operate a 19 acre selective avicultural breeding and research compound. We are focused on endangered species, common pet species production, with research programs on rare genetic parrot mutations, pair bonding, socialization for pet, conservation,research on breeding,nutrition advancements, incubation, handfeeding advancement,breeding stock management procedures, nesting selection research,wild habitat conservation through captive breeding and release, research data sharing with other groups, species and variation seperation and breeding only pure species, and much more.

Our breeding facility is not open to the public.

Due to the nature and value of the livestock here, Any persons caught venturing into, onto, and around the off limit breeding areas and onto the property which is posted will be treated as a hostile intruder, and note,,, that ALL any Intruders which may be looked on as thieves or possible saboteurs are in danger on the property as we take security very seriously and we will take every and any measure we need to protect our staff and our birds and property.

 NOTE: Warning: our farm staff may be armed. We have fully armed kawasaki mules UTVs that are on patrol around the 19 acre perimeter at any time of the day and night. We also use Phantom Aerial Drones with 4K camera systems for aerial surveillance. Any unauthorized person caught where they not suppose to be will be considered as trespassers and will be brought under control peacefully or not, and be handed over to the police, your choice.

All bird sales are by appointment ONLY.


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