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Read Our FAQ page for policy and shipping info

BREEDER BIRDS or single extra adults are sold as breeder stock only not pet quality. we do not include crates in price of shipping adults, singles or breeder birds, the price for this is depended on what and how many is shipped, shipping a pair of birds,will be in 2 crates as we never ship adult pairs in same crate. Prices depend on how big or size of crate needed, starting at $30 per crate for amazon size, up to $45 for cockatoos or macaws. We make no future predictions on any breeding results of any adult birds sold, as even when one purchases proven breeders there is no guarantees on future once moved. We have moved some of our proven breeders of many years in same location and then moved to new facilty and the results were not the same as past.

Breeding status is given if available, no other guarantees are implied.

All stock fully acclimated and housed outdoors year round unless otherwise noted. All stock fed HAGEN formulated diets, tropimix, bean and grain sprouts, steamed brown rice,  Peanut butter on whole wheat, veggies, fruits  in season and much more, to see our research and diets we feed, just click on the parrot diet links


Parrot Breeders-Breeder Birds-Singles-Adults


FOR SALE ADULT-Mealy Amazon male-nominate species GENUS amazona farinosa farinosa- age appr, 12-14 years old was breeder here and was in our endangered species programs for mealy breeding programs for several years-his female was lost due to egg binding, he is very very large and has the yellow specks in forehead as the nominate farinosa all have. $900 ( this species is now endangered species, this genus has all but become extinct in their own homeland) We have sold all breeder pairs, except this single male.

See Video below, click the video to view



FOR SALE Adult Orange Wing Male. This is a proven male that did lose his mate sometime ago to a racoon in the aviary, he is a very good breeder, He is somewhat feather plucked on chest, always did that when he started breeding season and now more when lost his mate. He is one of our own 2nd generation birds bred and raised here at Royal Bird Company over 12 years ago, he is excellent breeder male. $600




FOR SALE --SOLD SOLD--Adult blue fronted amazon male (colorful beautiful) appr 12 years old $500

Not tame, but talks and sings. has been pet and breeder, he was in a group of birds that we purchased, we bought out a breeders entire collection, He was bred and raised and handfed by the previous oner, But was used later as breeding stock and paired, The female was kept by the owner as a pet and the male was sold to us. We are offering him as breeding stock only, however he may be a pet as well, we make no guarantees on if he can be a pet, that would have to be a judgement of the buyer, sold as is.

He is absolutely beautiful, colorful and great feather, full flighted, fed and maintained on our diet that is fed to all birds here.




FOR SALE Adult African Grey Male, shows red feathers. and has produced babies with red feathers. This bird is from our own breeder programs that produce red variate mutations, we have replaced our males with 2nd generation birds that have more red, so we are selling some that do not have as much, great opportunity for someone to get a good male to start of red variate mutations.$4200-SOLD


FOR SALE-ADULT MALE AFRICAN GREY- Proven male, has produced babies for the entire time of being in our center. sold here for breeder stock. Around 15 years old, has been breeder for that time. was not handfed but parenbt fed. Was produced here and raised for future breeder stock. Not tame. is not used to be around humans, does growl when approched. was set up for breeding and not handled for 15 years. Always retreated to nest box with hen when care takers approched.Has been flighted in a large aviary. FULL flighted, wings never been trimmed. $600-SOLD


blue quaker parrot


Blue Quaker  Adult Male $300 pick up only. no ship-SOLD

This blue quaker male is appr 3 years old, was bred and raised by us Royal Bird Company, sold to customer for pet, she kept this bird for sveral years but can not keep him now, so he is for sale, he is semi tame, we are selling him here for future breeding stock, he comes from extemely large pair and has a a very deep blue color that we perfected over the years. We no longer breed the blue quakers.


yellow crown amazon

Yellow Crowned Amazon

Amazona ochrocephala ochrocephala

ADULT MALES 10-12 years old

younger male   $ 750 AVAILABLE

number 209  $1000 SOLD


These adult yellow crowned amazon males are true Amazona ochrocephala ochrocephala species and have not been mixed with any other subspecies, they are bred from captive imports. The yellow crowned amazon is becoming rare and very uncommon in the USA, Pure bred birds are even rarer. Anyone that knows us, Royal Bird Company, we only breed and produce real pure species and make efforts to pair only same with same. We never mix species or subspecies, Both these males was purchased back for breeder stock, One of them the older one 12 year old, band RBCNC 209 was sold in the beginning to a older lady, she loved him for many years, he was very tame to her, talked and learned to sing and was a great companion for her until she was unable to keep him due her health problems and we purchased him back from the pet owner. We was going to use him for future breeder stock. The younger male which is related to the older one is 10 years old, he was handfed and was kept as a pet but was going to be used for breeding as well, Due to not being able to find suitable mates we will be selling these absolutely beautiful perfect specimens birds. each one has full wings not clipped they are full flighted and have been housed on our compound in same type flights that all our breeder amazons are maintained in, suspended outdoor cages 4 x 4 x 8 feet long, They eat the same breeder diet as our breeder birds.We will only be offering them as adult breeder stock, but they could make great pets at some point, but we make no guarantees on pet quality.  SEE VIDEO BELOW


The younger male is available $750
adult yellow crown males





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