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Umbrella Cockatoos

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Umbrella Cockatoo         genus   Cacatua  alba
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 For info on diets click here > Royal Bird Company Diets and Nutrition


Description:           Umbrella Cockatoos                                                                                 

Cockatoos are one the most attractive and affectionate members of the entire parrot family and one of our favorites. Most experts state that  cockatoos are in one of three main categories: they are mostly white, pink and black. However I totally disagree and think that the pink cockatoos fall into the white cockatoo category since these are white cockatoos with tinge pink or rose. Since we only breed the white and pink cockatoos we will only speak of those here. (Moluccan, umbrella, citron)

Umbrella Cockatoos are excellent as lifetime companions, if you have the time to devote to such a demanding creature. Most people do not qualify to own a cockatoo as a pet. This meaning that if you work extended work hours, like to vacation regularly, have small children in the home, etc. There is very little time left over for these demanding birds. Have you ever seen those pictures of the cockatoos with feather plucking problems.

Most of these birds problems come from being left alone for extended periods of time. Cockatoos are nothing like other birds and cannot be treated like other birds i.e. amazons, greys, etc. Cockatoos need and demand attention. If you are ready to devote your life and time to a child then a cockatoo may be right for you. 

Cage requirements are to be considered before purchase of a cockatoo or any parrot. The larger cockatoos being very destructive, the cage needs to be very strong and roomy. These large strong cages are sometimes very expensive sometime costing as much as $500-600-700 or more. stainless steel cages are more costly at $1800-2500 and up for appropiate cages

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Diet requirements are basically the same as other larger parrots. I cannot get into all the different diets recommended by so called experts and breeders. Most of these complicated diets as we have found out over the years are totally unnecessary and some to the extent of being ridiculous and dangerous. We feed all our breeders as well weaning babies one of the worlds highest quality diets ,TROPICAN granules by HAGEN. and a varied diet additions

We have not fed a seed based diet to any of our birds since 1994. Our breeding results have changed for the better 100%. Our babies are healthier and stronger. We did try many different well known brands of formulated diets (pellets) over the years and found that most were not adequate in the long term results. Some even being worse than seed based diets. Many of these well known brands seem to have a very large advertising budget therefore they are everywhere, but that does not mean its the best.

Keep your birds healthy by feeding the correct diet. We recommend the very high quality Hagen Brand TROPICAN granules for the staple diet and Tropi Mix fruit, veggie, nut mix as a great treat addition. HAGEN (HARI) research facility in Canada has researched more about avian nutrition than any other company in the world. Their goal is better healthier birds not higher profit margins.

We always recommend our Featherland Mansion Stainless Steel Cage for all large cockatoos.                                   

  For info on diets click here Royal Bird Company Diets and Nutrition

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