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Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot

  genus Amazona aestiva aestiva and xanthopteryx-yellow wing

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Description:  Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot, also called blue front amazon.

Basically green in color. The bend of the wing of the blue front amazon parrot may vary from reddish yellow to red at the bend of the wing. Another type,The yellow winged blue fronted sub species bend of wing being mostly yellow with little red. The feathers on the nape have dark borders giving the scalloped males many times specks or flecks of red can be seen on the feather edges in the yellow around the head especially on the back of the neck.  The beak of the blue fronted amaazon is dark, nearly black. The head is a variable mixture blue and yellow with a definite blue forehead. The cheeks and crown are yellow. The red in the flights is rather extensive(true blue fronted aestiva). This species is one of the best talking species of amazons. Although some may not think that this species is as talented as the Yellow Naped Amazon, we have seen some that were actually better, It mostly depends on the training. handfed Blue Fronted Amazons seem to be active and out going and many people relate this to aggressive behavior, nothing could be farther from the truth. They are curious and mischievous as are all amazon parrots. They are AMAZONS and fit the same known characteristics as all amazons, you must accept this or do not own an amazon parrot....get a cockatiel or keet.

Different variations of the species

An often erroneous mislabeled bird is the Blue front Amazon, Some misinformed dealers and many breeders still to this day try to fix labels such as "Chaco" Blue front amazon. What does this term CHACO mean? Most of the time it means the person using this term really has no idea what they are talking about, Ask them what is a CHACO blue front amazon, Ask them why its called CHACO blue fronted amazon.

There is no such species "Chaco" Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot. Where this Chaco name actually got its origin,,,There is a region or area in Argentina South America named Chaco Province. This was once the main export of many South American birds including the colorful Blue Fronted subspecies Yellow Wing (amazona aestiva xanthopteryx) of the True Blue Front Amazon (aestiva aestiva) the origin of the true blue front amazon was Brazil. The birds trapped in the Chaco regions were slightly different than ones we would see in areas of brazil,colorful with yellow and red in the wings (shoulders). True Blue Fronted amazons do not have extended yellow color on the wings. Brazil never legally allowed many exports of any fauna or flora. Therefore most people today would never actually see the real true Blue Fronted Amazons. We have seen few, when we was in the import business in the 80's we saw several shipments of true blue fronted amazons, there was no yellow in the wings. Most "so called Blue Fronts" today in the USA are the so called "Chaco" in one form or another. One can call them chaco if you do have to label them. Keeping in mind that you would have to know the ancestor origins of a given bird in order for any of these names to have any real validity. So most of these slang names are passed around without one really understanding they are not speaking of a real species, its mostly describing where the birds originated from many years ago. But keep in mind that most breeders and owners do not even have a clue..They think they have "Chaco Blue Fronts??" i put these same type breeders,dealers and misinformed owners in the same group that talk about bolivan scarlets or congo or cameroon african greys but that is another story of mis informed people trying to sound smart or as if they have a special bird.

Below is picture of a couple true  xanthopteryx-yellow wing blue fronted subspecies(CHACO)

blue front amazon yellow winged species

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