Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Here we try to answer the question before you even think about asking......

Please read and understand.

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If you cannot or will not READ and understand our FAQ information or any information we ask you to read, Please do not try to purchase, We will ask you, Have you read the FAQ page? Do you understand the information? The FAQ is must read. We believe in education, and this is done by READING, READING and more reading. not by looking at pretty pictures or so called SKIMMING over something. We hear this everyday, when we ask someone. Have you read the FAQ page? they say, I skimmed over it.,  THAT IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH

READ IT. Please.

The right information is the most powerful tool a person has in life. By reading and educating your self with lots of correct information. You will only benefit in the end as well any bird you own or will own.


Bird Prices are non negotiable-we normally are always over sold ..

Our RBC high quality birds are in demand.

We RESERVE the right to stop or REFUSE sale to anyone we feel is unqualified to own our birds.

CONTACT  704-735-8601  SERIOUS INQUIRIES PLEASE, We love our birds but we are very very busy and we are not a pet shop, we operate a fully productive breeding operation, and a research facility with selective endangered species programs as well breeding over 100 babies yearly and it requires lots of work hours. We just do not have the time to discuss birds that we may not have available now or to talk about a bird that you may be considering in the distant future and we just do not have time to discuss a bird that you have purchased somewhere else, you would need to talk to a vet if its a medical question and a bird trainer if its a behavior problem..

We will be glad to discuss with you any bird that is available and ready now and you are NOW ready for a new family member.

READ the entire page, even if the section does not apply to you, its still full of info you may need or may want to know. Its for your and any bird you may owns benefit.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you ship me a bird... ?
  2. Guarantees ... ?
  3. What about deposits or reserves ... ?
  4. How do i pay ... ?
  5. What do i feed my bird when i get it ... ?
  6. Can I come and meet you and pickup my bird... ?

Can you ship me a bird...How do you ship...Is it safe... ?

  • First Thing....We have SAFELY shipped live animals and birds since 1979. 

    We ship by airlines ONLY. We ship to most all large airports within the 48 cont US states. We are airline known approved professional live animal shippers with several Major airlines and we try to use DELTA airlines and use their PET FIRST shipping program when possible. We hear other people state that they ship birds for $100 or something like that, That is regular air cargo, we do not ship our live birds regular freight cargo, you get what you pay for. We ship the best possible way for the good health and safety of the bird.

    We are USDA APPROVED SAFE ANIMAL SHIPPERS, We ship from Charlotte, NC airport. Most airlines know us very well and they treat all our shipments very well. We ship Pet First, counter to counter PDQ or other express shipping. You pick up your bird at the cargo area of some airlines but you may pick up the bird inside your airport normally at the PDQ counter or ticket counter, someone at the ticket counter can always direct you to the correct counter for your pickup. Some pickups may be at the airlines air cargo area, You may have to get in contact with your airport to see where to pick up your bird as all airports and airlines do different things.

    We will inform you the phone number to the airline dept that can tell you where you will pickup. We make all arrangements for you, we give you a pick up number for the shipment once we ship it, all you have to do is pick up your bird, make sure to bring your correct ID for pickup at the cargo area or ticket counter.

    Shipping this way is very safe and not very stressful to the bird at all due to the fast shipping, sometimes its only 2-3-4 hours east coast and around 6-7-8-9 hours west coast. It is always more stressful to ship older animals and birds. Our baby birds love the attention and the travel due to the great human care they have received all their lives. We pack enough foods for an extended trip, Even if something crazy happens during shipment like delays, we will make sure there is plenty of foods and fruits(water)for an extended time of 48 hours,  We also put a toy inside the shipping units to entertain the bird while it ships. All shipments are FULL insured. We have never had even one mishap in over 35 years, excepting maybe a plane being late or something, which we or you have no control.  

    We  ship mostly DELTA PET FIRST SHIPPING program, We do not, WILL NOT ship regular cheap air cargo, and we DONOT would not ship by postal service like poultry is shipped, We hear many people doing this, This is absolutely ignorant on the seller and shipper part. It is inhumane to ship a parrot this way.

    The normal cost for shipping with DELTA Pet First Program $175-199... Other airlines

    can be higher or cheaper when shipping their pet programs.



  • We use modified reusable pet taxis for the shipping container like the ones pictured above.. We  include all health papers if needed by airlines, we include a reusable modified pet taxi shipping container, free starter kit with food, treat, etc. EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED for you.


    BREEDER BIRDS SALES we do not include crates in price of shipping adults, singles or breeder birds, the price for this is depended on what and how many is shipped, shipping a pair of birds,will be in 2 crates as we never ship adult pairs in same crate. Prices depend on how big or size of crate needed, starting at $30 per crate for amazon size, up to $45 for cockatoos or macaws.and when shipping a adult pair, each bird will need to ship in their own seperate shipping carrier, as adults can fight when kept in close area such as shipping carriers. for each pair its takes two shipping carriers but one ship fee. cost about the same to ship 2 shipping carriers as if ship one.

    TEMPS ABOVE 85F DEGREES AND BELOW 45F ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE. Airlines will accept live birds between these temps.

    For example:: If the temp at the our airport is 75 but at your airport its above 85, the airlines will not accept the shipment. Most airlines connect in Atlanta GA, so the temp there must also be acceptable.            

    We make the arrangements for times for the well being and safety of the birds, NOT for times that are convenient for you. We cannot guarantee that a bird can be shipped on a certain flight to get there at a time that is good for you. Everything will be for the best for the birds, or NO SALE. 

    We will talk with you and try to get something good for you and us, we will inform you the flight times and make sure all is ok before any birds are shipped.

           We are USDA SAFE ANIMAL SHIPPERS APPROVED since 1980



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Are your birds guaranteed ... ?

  • YES, absolutely! our birds are 100% guaranteed healthy at the time of arrival if being shipped. If you pick your bird up here its guaranteed to be 100% healthy at time of purchase or take home. We continue a screening processs throughout the entire operation here, We screen breeders periodically, we screen babies as they grow, we screen the last time before they are sold. All our babies are DNA screened for Chlamydia and all Cockatoos are DNA screened for PBFD(beak and feather) and each comes with testing results and certificates from the labs.                                        

    Our guarantee is simple, Since we do not know what you are going to do once you get the bird we have no control on the birds health after a certain time, as many things can change the health quickly based on what you do, or not do, and we do not know what you are doing at home, So, you must take your bird to a REAL Avian Vet within 24-48 hours after receipt. If there is a life threatening problem that is not linked to something you did, we will take the bird back, and refund your money, we need the written report from the VET and their info. You will be refunded once we receive the bird back. Its that simple. In over 35 years we have NEVER had even one problem with a bird we sold or shipped, we contribute that to our strict protocols and our birds are just healthy birds period. And since we are only selling what we raise, we have full control from the start, we do not purchase birds for resell, we are not dealers. we do not purchase other breeders problems.

    Our babies are 100% health guaranteed to be free of any problems at time of sale and or receipt by you, we cannot guarantee the life or health of a bird for certain any length time, they are not cars, they a living breathing beings. Can you guarantee your health and or your life for any certain time. You may be healthy now, but you can change that quickly by your actions or failure to act.

    Each baby is monitored and maintained in state of the art brooding systems with air filtration. We use Human  baby Neonatal Isolettes in the first stages of the brooding process.           

           isolette baby birds     


    All our breeders are maintained on the highest quality formulated diets,  we use tropican by Hagen, sprouts, advanced formulated diets, cooked rice, corn, beans, veggies and fruits in season,etc. to see our diets and what we recommend click on the Bird Diets Link.

     Our breeding facility is a closed facility, we normally do not purchase birds for breeding and we never purchase for resell.  As a preventive measure strangers are not allowed in or around the breeding farm or the breeding units. We operate a closed facility, meaning we do not add outside birds to our breeding collection and we do not allow outsiders to enter any area where our breeders are.  All babies are maintained in weaning cages behind glass barriers for viewing but not touching by everyone coming around. This protects our birds from poking and proding like you see in open air environments such as birds shows,bird marts,flea markets, and pet shops that have their birds on open display for ALL to touch, this is very dangerous and its where the problems start. If you can touch it, then anyone, everyone else can as well. What does these people have on their hands, do they have sick birds at home, havethey handled other birds that may have a pathogen? 
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What about deposits or reserving a bird ... ?

  • We no longer offer for reserve very young babies and accept deposits and try to deal with that throughout the weeks or even months before a bird is ready to go home... We do not take deposits to hold any bird before its ready to be sold, we only take a deposit to hold if you are picking up. However you can put your name on a email newsletter list and we will send you an email newsletter when babies are almost ready to go. But this is not a reserve list, only a contact to announce when birds are coming available. We only offer the birds when they are almost ready to go or ready to go. The contact list is not a reserve or hold list, simply a list of customers who wish to receive our info on available babies and to receive other news from our compound. Also sign up for the newsletter on the front page. www.royalbirdcompany.com

  • If you are picking up from here...and the bird is now ready to go, and we have already talked and set the appointment for your pickup, To hold a bird to stay here until you come, we do accept a deposit by credit card to hold the bird until you get here.

  • NOTE: FOR BIRDS BEING SHIPPED.ANY birds that are posted as AVAILABLE now are FOR SALE and will remain for sale until paid for and we have receipt of payment in full. We do not live on promises.

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Payment for bird ... ?

  • Payment is only accepted once a bird is ready.


    Our birds are priced for cash and carry. How you get payment to us is your choice.

    Credit card use takes away from what we expect to get for our birds.We could just increase the bird prices to cover this but would not be fair to the ones that pay other ways, RIGHT?

    Credit card companies take huge fees and processing charges, so on every 1000 they take almost $50 in the end, So if you need to use a credit card when we do accept credit cards be prepared to pay the 5% processing fees. You can get a discount, your discount is when you use any other method as there is no processing fees. Please note, when we accept credit card payment when shipping there will be at least a 7 day waiting period after payment so we can check for security on the card before we release the bird, sorry but due to scammers, credit card fraud we must protect our selves. When picking up here, ALL sales will be CASH and carry as we do not have enough time to check security and true ownership of the card. If picking up here and you are wanting to use a card, then prepayment will be expected in enough time that we can clear the card. Its a sick and sad world that forces us to have to do these security measures due to the ever growing fraud and credit card theft.  Even cash payments will be checked for authenticity.             

    Bank cashiers checks, bank money orders or personal checks, however ALL these methods require up to 7 -10 days or more to completely clear, even cashiers checks are not cash, they still have to clear and we have seen many counterfeit checks.

    POSTAL MONEY ORDER Payment: through the US Post office is the fastest and best, we offer incentives for our customers to use the postal money order program through the US Post Offices. Postal money orders are safe, insured, and traceable through the US Postal Service, when our customers use postal money orders for payment, we will add extras in the starter kit for your bird. We can email you a complete instruction sheet on how to obtain postal money orders from your POST OFFICE. When picking up from our facility, we only accept cash, unlesss the credit card has been approved beforehand.

    contact us for details, we are happy to help you about payments for an available bird.

    Many people may be nervous when dealing with companies they do not know, Royal Bird Company owns a research facility for rare species and we publish our data and exchange data with many breeders and worldwide conservation organazations, We are one of the largest supplier of breeding data for the Honduras yellow naped amazon captive breed release program in HONDURAS. Royal Bird Company is owned and operated by Mike and Sheila Richard, both published authors and leaders in the avian community for 35 years,  We have been in business for over 35 years, same address, same LANDLINE business name, same landline phone number for over 35 years, we own a 19 acre compound totally focused on research and breeding rare and common species, we are not going anywhere, we are one of the longest running professional facilities in the USA. We are not just internet sales, we actually own a real place of business, brick and mortar, we have many references.. You can pick your bird up when its ready.

    ALL North Carolina sales are subject to 6.75% sales tax.  shipped or picked up. shipping to airports outside NC there are no sales taxes. 


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What do i feed my bird when i get it ... ?

  • We send a starter kit, with foods,and instructions, we also can talk to you about more diet information. We also ask you to read our diet info page on our website to more understand what and how and why we feed what we feed. Also our website has several pages on diets and nutrition, we suggest you read them. As when someone may call and have questions about foods, we always ask first, Have you read the papers we gave you?? Have you Read Our Diet Info on Our website?  If one does not have the ability or just will not read or do what we ask, then maybe we are not the place for you.
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Will I know the sex of my bird ... ?

  • Yes, We have all our birds DNA screened for health and DNA screened to determine the sex, The lab sends a certificate of SEX. The DNA screening is included in all baby bird prices. Any special screenings that customer ask for there is extra charges for those if you request special screenings.

Can I Come and Pick up ... ?

  • Yes.We actually like it better. When a bird is ready to sell and its ready to come home, and you decide you want to pick up when ready, we will make the arrangements and day appointment for you. We supply the pet carrier for the travel back home, DONOT bring any crates,carriers,boxes or cages, they will not be allowed inside our buildings. When coming, full payment is expected, any pre payments made to us to hold the bird till you got here will be deducted from totals. However if paying by credit card, that will have to be approved before hand, and do not show up with credit card in hand, as the bird will not be allowed to leave, If we acccept your credit card as payment for the bird, then you must accept the termss of credit card purchases above...Credit cards approval and payment will have to be made prior to coming to allow for security check and approval on the card, can take 10 days, sorry but due to scammers and card theft, this is what its come to, its a sad and sick world, and we have to survive in it. CASH IS GREEN and CASH is KING.    
  • NOTE** we supply you everything, a pet travel carrier, food starter kit, instructions,  we supply you with information materials online and on hard copy, we supply many articles and videos on our website for your education, so please use them for your sake and your birds benefit, PLEASE.


  • Also for your GPS, Royal Bird Company, 2804 East hwy 150, Lincolnton, NC 28092
  • We only accept visitors after appointment has been made, no drop in.



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