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Mealy Amazon


Mealy Amazon          genus  Amazona  farinosa farinosa
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Description: Mealy Amazon Parrots , becoiming very rare in the USA

Note: Mike Richard owner Royal Bird Company: These are the calmest of all amazons we have ever seen, talking ability is great. "I wished more people would have the chance to enjoy this species" If anyone ever wanted an amazon but was afraid of all the natural characteristics of amazons, this is the Amazon for you.

These are one of the sweetest and largest of all amazon species averages 15-16 inches, some even larger. This species is getting rarer every year with fewer and fewer babies available in the USA. Many breeders just simply do not have the available birds for setting up breeding pairs. In the years past is was not as rare as it is today, but breeders (including us as well) simply did not set them up for breeding due to the lack of demand years past, due to colors compared to other amazons. Little did we all know it would turn out to be one of the best natured bird speies of all. 

This species is known for a very calm pleasant personality compared to other amazons. This species seems to be somewhat not as aggressive nature as most other amazons, they are more laid back and take things with stride. Talking ability is comparable to Yellow Nape Amazons and other well known talkers. Many people describe the Mealy Amazon as quite, pleasant, robust and a lively bird with a great talent for talking and mimic. being not very colorful many people over look this species for other more colorful species of amazons, its a shame as these are one of the best species of amazons we have seen. The calm nature makes it a great choice. This species is great for the beginner or seasoned bird owner. Many people that own them simply state "Mealys are the best".

Being mostly green in color with shades of blue on the crown with some having a yellow colored splash on the head, has a red to orange color just below the wing bend. Not as colorful as some other well known amazon species but i cannot stress enough how calm and great this bird is.

NOTE: We only breed the nominate species Amazona  farinosa farinosa. There are several other subspecies. we do not have a program for those.


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