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         Blue & Gold Macaw

                  genus  Ara ararauna




Description: Blue Gold Macaw

The Blue Gold macaw is one of the most popular of all macaws, due to the mild temperment and high intelligence. The Blue Gold macaw is a great bird.

However most people could not keep such a large bird such as a blue gold macaw. The lucky ones that make the commitment for such a bird are in for a treat. The upper side of the tail, wings, backside and neck are rich, deep blue. Under parts are bright golden yellow. The underside of the tail is blue tinged with yellow. The crown is greenish tinged with blue. A black bib collar frames the lower part of the face. Sizes can be anywhere from 30 inches to smaller in length. 

Most baby Blue And Gold macaws have a great disposition which makes them very good choice for a large macaw. Most Blue and Gold macaws learn very fast. Talking talents are questionable, however our opinion is, many do learn to talk quite well but we would never sell anyone any macaw for a top talking species. You must accept them for what they are. No doubt they have talents far beyond talking ability, you may see many trick bird shows with the star bird being the Blue and Gold macaw. 

They are one of the most desirable of all macaws due to all the positives. But one must understand  that owning these birds or any bird is not cheap. One must consider the cage requirements. Some large suitable cages that could house such large strong birds can cost upward of $700-900 or more. Stainless steel bird cages are even more costly, stainless steel cages for these large strong birds will run upwards of 1800-$3500 and even more. For the special person that can properly maintain this bird and enjoy such a large addition to their family its a great choice.But be prepared.

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