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  Orange Winged Amazon

Orange Winged Amazon          genus  Amazona   amazonica amazonica
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The Orange Wing Amazon is similar to the Blue Fronted Amazon. 

The Orange Winged Amazon is slightly smaller than the Blue Fronted. The Orange Winged Amazon is one of our favorites for the beginner. The Orange Wing has a distinct orange in the wings. Though they are not the best of talkers when compared to Yellow Nape or Double Yellow Head Amazons. they do rival all other amazons for their comic antics. 

Many of our baby Orange Wings have become great talkers, I do believe that most talking ability lies in the training and rearing of a given species, Now keeping in mind that talking ability is a species specific trait but with good training many species that are not known talking species can become a great talking bird. 

The Orange Wing is generally sweet, or least ours are. I do think many good and bad personality traits are started at the beginning even young as 2-3 weeks old. We do incubator hatch all babies therefore we see this difference between babies that are left in the nest for  a couple weeks and babies that are handfed from day one hatch. There is a big difference.

If you want a great bird with color, personality and good price the Orange wing is always a good choice, or should I say OUR  baby Orange Wings are a good choice

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