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Royal Bird Company Diet for Parrots

Lunch Time for our Breeding farm and babies

 here at Royal Bird Company,

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This is one of the mixtures for all our breeders and any babies weaning. Our diets focus on low fat and high proteins during the breeding seasons, We DO NOT feed such dangerous and stupid things like boiled and cooked eggs and meats, that is absolutely stupid and dangerous. In the past many people, including us did this to offer a diet addition change other than just seeds, that was the dark ages and in this day of nutritional understanding there is no reasoning for this, its a time bomb just waiting.

We hear so many stories of people that have lost their birds to this and they all say the same thing...they say.We have fed eggs and meat for years and it never hurt them until now, well it only takes one time. Can you say SALMONELLA? why take such a chance.
We feed a low fat type mixture to most all birds however some birds such as greys and macaws get a more higher fat content food additions during the day such as whole seeds and a very wide variety of nuts for all macaws. Hyacinth macaws get fresh coconut and extra nuts, they need a slightly different diet for good health long term. All birds, breeders and babies get tropican granules and tropi mix daily, The tropican granules stays in front of them all day in separate dish., we pull all wet cooked mixtures after a hour or so, in hot weather we will remove earlier..

 In the picture above, we have cooked beets, cooked beans and lentils12 different types, soaked and cooked whole corn,brown rice,steamed carrots,sweet potato,and the green carrot tops, beet stems and tops,cucumber diced up small cubes, diced apples, sprouts of many grains.  As we cook the beans, we add the whole beet roots to the cooking bean pot for about 15 minutes, after the water starts turning purple from the beet juice we remove the whole beets, turn off the beans and let them soak up the high nutrient beet juice, we dice the beets into small cubes, we add the steamed rice, beans and lentils, all the fresh diced stuff, cucumber, carrots ,beet tops carrot tops and apples. everything will be purplelish, they love it. This is just one the mixtures our birds get here, what did your birds eat today? What have you eaten today?

You do not have to have every ingredient that we have prepared, but the more variety the better, and the more colorful the diet the better it is,

Proper Nutrition starts with you, the responsible bird owner, when people tell us that they cannot get their birds to eat correctly or will not eat new things, we just cannot understand this, Parrots will adapt to any diet if the human will take the time to feed it correctly and train the birds to eat what you give them, for example..We have purchased birds from people to use as breeding stock, these birds were adults, they have been breeders for another person for many years eating only certain foods and we were told that these birds would only eat certain foods, WELL, within a very very short time, maybe a week , we can have them eating our diets. Do not give up, keep trying.

On babies that are weaning, right after handfeeding, we offer this cooked foods in a dish and they seem to pick through it and eat and this a good way to get them used to eating new things, Right after handfeeding, the babies feeding urge is stimulated and still strong so they will really love the warm cooked foods in front of them even after they have already been handfed,

Offering a piece of apple every now and then is not correct feeding, The birds need a rounded diet along with the pellets and tropimixes.

Birds cannot live by eating just out of a bag, and neither can you. And offering a piece of fruit or a piece of carrot and saying well, i offered it something but wouldn't touch it, this is just not acceptable.

We have evolved through many diets and we have found  that a very nutrient filled mixture is always the way to go compared to an ALL pellet diet, Its variety is the key,

The days of pouring some seeds into a dish and that is what your bird eats are gone and thank god for that. Diet research has come a long way and the birds will benefit greatly. Today, we take the time to create a very nutrient filled diet several times daily.

We give a complete diet paper with each baby we sell.           PLEASE READ IT and understand it, use some common sense.

And YES, it takes some time to properly feed your bird and yes you should take the time to do it right, many people may prepare some mixtures and freeze them and then bring out small portions when needed and warm and serve.