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News From The Farm Main article:   BREEDING SEASON 2012                    Over 30 Years Excellence
UPDATE: APRIL  23 2012
World Avian Org. Africa

Royal Bird Company,   Lincolnton, NC

Zaire Animal Research Foundation, Africa. 

Royal Bird Company now  under contract with the Zaire Animal Foundation in ZAIRE, AFRICA to reserve 10 more unrelated HYACINTH MACAW Babies for export to the Foundation next year. The cities paper work is almost ready according to the US Fish and Wildlife.
The fantastic deal is great for both parties, as the Foundation will be able to receive new bloodlines that are healthy for their future breeding stock. 
Royal Bird Company as in all their ventures have totally excelled in the breeding and reproduction on the Hyacinth Macaw species. 
Last year they reported 12 baby Hyacinth Macaws in 24 months, They will be exporting  the first 5 babies in 2012 to the foundation as a result of our trust for them..  Royal Bird Company now has more focus on Hyacinth Macaws Programs and now is becoming one of the most successful breeders of this species in the states.

We know only one other breeder in Florida that has 35 pair, but with less than impressive results, with only 15 babies produced in 24 months.
Dr. Habishi Alheridi III, well known in the AFRICAN/European Avian Community has personally met with Mike at Royal Bird Company now 4 times and had many discussions on future avian concerns at the foundatiuon in Zaire (congo). Dr. Habishi was most impressed with Mike over the years for his advanced knowlegde on incubation techniques.
The Zaire Foundation has saved over 20 baby Black Palms and 26 baby yellow tailed gang gangs with the incubation info he received from Mike this year.
Mike visited the foundation here in Africa in early 2009 and summer of 2009.
The invitation to visit was made by our director, with all exspense paid.
But being the gentleman that Mike seems to be, he refused the paid trip and paid for all his trip himself and he told our director to invest the foundations money to better cause, on new incubators he recommended.
So they have purchased 10 Alpha Genesis. Mike happily set the machines up and got them going.

2009 Quote from Dr. Habishi Alheridi III , director: from Zaire Animal Research Foundation, Africa.

He Says" I have personally met with Mike the farm manager and co owner of this great facility Royal Bird Company, I must say the extent of knowledge is extraordinary on incubation, husbandry, etc and we fully expect the new African Grey and Hyacinth facility to be another great venture for them. I look forward to more visits in the near future, We here at the Institute have incorporated many programs based on the advise of Mike concerning incubation and breeder mangement.
We have also purchased and imported their newly designed nesting boxes, we have incorparated the use of their special made RBC Metal Nest boxes with advanced designs that have been proven at Royal Bird Company, these boxes are being used now here at the institute with fantastic results, we did purchase other metal boxes and tested them for heavy metals and found 3 out of 3 different companies in the USA have tested positive for heavy metals and that could be dangerous to birds.

The RBC boxes were only .04 ppm heavy metal and this is acceptable. And  we cannot forget M' Lady Sheila also has contributed to our success with new programs on handfeeding and nursery management, We tip our hat to them and all those that help them with ever increasing work loads at the farm.
Thanks guys at Royal Bird for all the help.
Dr. Habishi Alheridi III
Director ZAIRE Animal Foundation

Words From Royal Bird Company

We do feel good when people of the world avian community give us praises, however, we only do what we think is right and we do what we know.
The Director Dr. Habishi is very kind in his words about us, we will continue to help them as they grow in their ventures and knowledge, as we have been professional aviculturists for over 30 years and have painfully aquired our knowledge that is so much needed to successfully reproduce many rare endangered species. It has taken us these 30+ years to actually learn and we continue to learn each day and by no means will ever say we know everything.

While we are in our own eyes a small operation we feel that we must give back in a large way. Many times we simply do not have the needed time to spend with customers, so we have narrowed it down to our customers that purchase babies from us, we help, But when it comes to people that have purchased birds somewhere else we must  insist that they get the much needed info from the sellers before and after their purchases.,  many times sellers will sell birds very cheap and leave the buyer hanging without any answers, thats why they sold them cheap..
we have discontinued the consulting business due to time issues.













2012 SEASON already underway

We have added several new species over the last 10  years, we have added to our macaw breeding collection Hyacinth macaws.

We house one of the largest breeding collection of MACAWS in the USA to date. blue gold,military,greenwing,hyacinth

We recently within the last 12 months added 23 more pair of African greys to our already large collection bringing the grey collection close to 100  breeder pair. This makes Royal Bird Company the largest breeder of this species in the USA .These are all red tails, we do have a few breeder pair of the subspecies Timneh as well.
We are working closely on our
SUN RED GREY rare mutation project, where we have several almost extreme red greys that we have managed to get to reproduce last year with amazing RED ORANGE color these birds are from the late DR. Bosher DVM  from California and moved to South Africa and  he was one of the first person to obtain and produce the mutation red african greys in the USA. These birds were obtained by Royal Bird Company from his estate in 2008 for a value of $175k, The project has already paid for it self 2 times over. These are extremely rare mutations.

With the addition of  new Pairs of militarys, greenwings,and more Hyacinths, we now boast more than 85 pairs of macaws.  More work,work,work.

We have almost completed the 11,000 square foot state of the art facility for the next phase of our GREY venture, with electronic full spectrum high pressure sodium lighting, filtered automatic water systems, natural misting systems,outside aviary connection, complete kitchens,      full 5 stage nursery areas,weaning rooms, full flight fly rooms, incubation rooms, ICU Rooms,down draft ventilation systems, one half retractable roof for full sun and rain and for our 17 acre compound we have some very mobile security measures with several Fully armed Kawasaki mules that are used to patrol our new massive breeding area ground perimeters 24 hours daily..Our new 12 foot solar electric fence went up in december that totally surrounds our 17 acre compound.

We have stopped several programs, we have stopped our breeding programs on ALL pionus Parrots as well eclectus, we have stopped our production programs on red sided,vosmarie eclectus. eclectus programs have stopped due to the species in our opinion are not suitable for companion birds for most pet owners since their population numbers are steady this species just did not fit into our programs here at the compound and we sold all breeding pairs of those species

We no longer are able to operate the avian consulting business due to the time we must spend here on our own farm.

We will continue to help several  conservation groups and the World Wildlife Org in Africa as we still help few conservation groups such as the Thick Bill Project on several programs.

Our incubation programs continue to play a very important role in our success. Many of our techniques have been adopted and used by several large US breeders as well the world renown Zaire Animal Research Foundation, Africa.  see left side panel

Many people ask "Why do you incubate the eggs and not leave them with the parent birds?" Well its simple, many times the parent birds will not set to full term and may leave the eggs at any given time. These birds may stop incubating due to many reasons like, thunderstorms, noises or may just be ready to start laying again. When the valuable eggs are in our possession we have more control from start to hatch. Since we control the eggs environment as well the newly hatched chick we can eliminate most common problems that plague other breeders birds such as bacterial problems.
These problems can start in the nest boxes, as the dark and often damp nest box is a fertile ground for bacterial problems.

We have learned that we can eliminate this by taking control and giving a much better and healthier start to the eggs.
The proof is in the pudding as we hatch and rear some of the healthiest baby parrots your money can buy, we guarantee it.

We believe one should do all they can do to prevent any problems as prevention is much better than a cure. Our breeder birds are much happier and healthier as well. The parents do not have to sit on eggs in a hot nest box for 25-28 days and then feed & brood chicks for months.

Our breeder birds only work for a couple weeks and then they are done for the year, Its the good life for all our birds
They are healthier and happy.

We do all their work for them. The babies also benefit as they are human imprinted and the babies think they are people.
This creates the best human socialized companion baby bird possible.

Our incubation systems are the Alpha Genesis. 
These are without a question the most highly sophisticated machines in the world. We own several and have invested over $10,000 into these machines with the last machine has become the absolute dream machine and cost was $4200, this machine  and our laptops has total computerized control over the temps, humidity, egg turning, oxygen mapping, c02 mapping, cooling cycles to simulate the parent birds leaving the nest for eating, and double battery backup when power is out and so much more. These machines are controlled via upfront key pad, set it and forget it.  
Many of the incubation systems we have seen on the market today are mainly designed for the poultry industry and compared to AG are like a kids toy in our opinion. 
Most really do not even come close to whats actually needed for the PROPER incubation of parrots and other exotics eggs.That is, if you have the desire to do it right..

With our program we have been able to supply many super babies to people all across the nation. 

Our FULL health guarantee is now becoming the industry standard for excellence.
All our babies are DNA sexed, screened by the lab and each one comes with a certificate.

Visit our farm Site for more information on our baby birds



blue golds sold out
scarlet macaws sold out
african greys-SOLD OUT
timneh greys-SOLD OUT
double yellow head amazons-sold out
yellow naped amazons-sold out
umbrella cockatoos-sold out
hyacinth macaws-SOLD OUT

WE HAVE A VERY LARGE DEMAND FOR OUR BABIES DUE TO OUR QUALITY OF BABIES, we sell out very fast, get your reserves in early, as soon as eggs are laid is the best time to reserve.

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 Home of the RBC Metal Nest Boxes by Royal Bird Company

Proven World Wide for design
results and lowest heavy metals in the USA. many imitate but NEVER duplicate

Used by

Orlando Sea World
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San Diego Bird Sanctuary
AM University Research
The Bird Cabin,Florida
Deans Animal Supply
Beckto Birds, Dominica
and the famous ZAIRE Animal Foundation, Africa,
and many more


California passed new laws 2 years ago concerning the selling and ownership of unweaned parrots in pet shops and and some bird stores. This law is the best thing that the state has ever done. This was due to the many baby birds sold that are unweaned and needing care that the normal person could never give them at that young age. Many of these babies died at the hands of the shops and the new pet owners too. The state is now implementing some sort of enforcement policy that will deal with the ever growing problem. One source says that the state will use the state wildlife services to enforce the new law, others state that the local health dept may do it. 

This will mean that when ever a unweaned bird is offered for sale in a shop to the consumer, that the shop owner may face fines, the birds may be taken or other measures. The way to deal with this is that breeders should stop selling unweaned babies to the dealers and shops for resell.

1. Purchase several toys and rotate them during the week , this way your birds do not get bored. They think they have new toys often.

2. When feeding pellets and treats, always separate the foods into different dishes. This way you do not contaminate the pellets with any wet fruits, etc.

3. When feeding a high quality pellet such as (Hagen-Tropican) you do not need to give vitamin supplements. Actually giving vitamin supplement with a good pellet diet can dangerous and over load the liver and kidneys.
We do use PRIME, this is not the typical vitamin and is very useful.
Always check with your vet to see what they recommend with the diet you use.

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